Ian’s work as a producer started with co-production and then sole producer credits on his own albums, and grew into work with other artists in 2012. This organic transition speaks volumes about his method and approach when in the producer chair.

The goal is to achieve the artist’s vision and to serve the song, bridging the gaps with the right recording locations, the right musicians and the right sounds. As an artist, the amount of trust that is put into a producer’s hands is well-understood. ¬†As a producer, honouring that trust and relationship is key.

Recent Production Work



Album: Painted Glass

Artist: Rosemary Lawton

Song: The Siren




“The Siren” Audio: Click Here



Album: Evergrown

Artist: Kat McLevey

Song: Tell Me Once


Album: Shinging In The Blue

Artist: Melanie O’Brien

Song: Stars




Ian Foster – Sleeper Years, 2017 (Producer, Co-Engineer)

Andrew Pike – TBA, 2017 (Producer, Engineer)

Melanie O’Brien – Shining In The Blue, 2016 (Producer, Co-Engineer)

Kat McLevey – Evergrown, 2015 (Producer, Engineer)

Hannah Wadman-Scanlan – Wonder (EP), 2015 (Producer, Engineer)

Maggie O’Connell – Makeshift, 2015 (Producer, Engineer)

Kat McLevey – Drifter EP, 2014 (Producer, Engineer)

Matthew Hare – The Right Words EP, 2014 (Producer, Engineer)

Port of Call – Darkness and Light, 2014 (Producer, Engineer)

Ian Foster – The Great Wave, 2014 (Co-Producer, Co-Engineer)

Matthew Hare – This Time Last Year, 2012 (Co-Producer, Engineer)

Ian Foster – The Evening Light, 2011 (Producer, Co-Engineer)